Getting started Early in the Season

Staying fit and healthy can be anyone’s dream however like school and a job it takes a lot of work and effort to reach that level, a level where you feel most comfortable at that you can keep going and going on a regular basis. Running is one of them. The best place to start is early in the season like in the summer.

Summertime means its warm outside, light winds, and maybe occasional rain. This is the time period where your body will need to learn to adjust to the high temperatures aka humidity. Knowing how these temperatures change can really affect your body and help you prepare and ensure you run safely on a first try.

Physiologically, everyone probably feels like “oh its my first try, no problem.” This can’t be taken for granted. Running is a slow learning process. Knowing how your body works together- breathing, legs, and pacing is the first step to get down. And once you find that pace where you feel most comfortable at, then thats when you’ll start to learn the essential ways of learning to run.

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