Running: the essentials

Running is pretty low-maintenance. Doesn’t require much gear or equipment but does have its own essentials. So if your planning on running on a regular basis, here are some the basic items to say the least.

1. Running shoes- One of the biggest causes of running injuries is not wearing the right pair of shoes for running, whether they be old running shoes or running shoes that aren’t for the right foot. For starters I’d recommend going to a running specialty store. They are the experts in knowing how they can help you evaluate your foot type and find the right pair of shoes.

Second Pair of Running Shoes

2. fabric running clothes- Avoid cotton fabrics cause they’ll stay wet. When running in hot or cold weather try wearing clothes with fabric that help you stay dry and comfortable like polypropylene.


3. Running socks- Consider the material when it comes to running socks. You’ll want to stay away from cotton socks cause if your feet sweat or you step in rain or mud, the moisture won’t escape. The best running socks to wear are the polyester kind, the kind that will let out moisture.


4. Water- I can’t say how important this one is. If your running for more than 30 minutes, its important to consume water. Staying hydrated is the general rule of thumb when running is involved. Drink to about 4 to 6 oz. of water during your runs. Even better carry one with you on a hydration belt.


5. Watch- Who wouldn’t want to know their progression while running? A running watch will help track your progress such as timing, track your heart rate, or simply let you know the time. Nothing too fancy but a simple watch with a start/stop button can be helpful to runners who wish to track their run/walk intervals.


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