Marathon- what it feels like

……I’m almost beyond words on describing what it felt like running a marathon my first time ever last Saturday. Even though I trained well during the summer, running almost everyday I realized that it wasn’t enough. At the start of the marathon everything felt smooth, okay, and me thinking “alright I can do this” till I came to the start of Ester Dome.

It was then that my muscles started to tense up, my strides felt shorter till the point I had to take my first break about midway through the forest. By the time I made it onto the road leading up to Ester Dome and the radio tower, I felt myself slow down gradually till I experienced the most weirdest thing ever. My brain and head started to spin, felt like my eyes were rolling inside my head and everything started feeling hazy. Then I felt a sickening pain in my stomach. The snacks I carried with me weren’t doing me much good. It was dehydration and I could feel it.

I ended up walking pretty much all the way up Ester Dome till I finally reached the next food station. By that time I knew I had to stop and energize. Taking another small water bottle and eating a banana. The rest of the way to the turning point, it got worse when all the muscles in my legs started seizing up so bad that it felt like I was on stills but I couldn’t move much.

I kept trying till finally muscles relaxed a bit and then I kept going which was merely a jog from there on out. All in all, I ended my first ever marathon with a time of 5 hours 10 minutes or so. Even though it felt like I didn’t do my best, what mattered was that I tried and didn’t give up.

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