How to avoid running too much…too soon

Its very common in runners, especially in new ones to get all excited and pumped up for a run that they end up making a terrible mistake: Doing too much mileage too fast, too soon. In their heads they think “more is better” when running comes into place. The end result is shin splints, knees, or ITBS Syndrome; a common sharp burning pain the in the knee or hip. For more about information about ITBS Syndrome heres the link description.

There is a solution to avoid running too much. Learn to be more conservative in how often, how long, or how much running you want to accomplish. Its better to increase your mileage gradually over time that way your leg muscles will gradually build up and can take the pain. Always pay attention to aches and pains. The first sign of pain occurring while running means you ought to slow down or stop.

My references about avoiding running too much come from

Tip: Because I’ve been running ever since elementary, I’ve learned over time its best to take at least one day off from running. Don’t ever try to ignore rest days. You need that recovery and to prevent further injury. Its during those rest days that your muscles will build up and repair themselves.

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