Watch your running form

Running is a very natural movement and should always be feeling natural. Not every runner has the best form but thats not to say you should strive to start off with a good posture. Here are a few tips to watch and aim for:

Head– Always keep it up with your eyes looking ahead. You already know whats right in front of you. Look ahead, with your chin up.

Shoulders– Let them relax. Many runners tend to tighten up which causes fatigue and slows you down. Shake out your arms and keep your shoulders loose and low.

Arms– Your legs do what your arms tell you to do. You want your arm swing to drive forward your legs in a straight line. Swing your arms forward and back, not across your body. Keep elbows at about 90 degrees and cup your hands into loose fists with your fingers lightly touching your palms.

Torso– Run “tall” and keep your back straight. Avoid leaning in too far from the waist.

Hips– Point them straight ahead and upright, not tilted forward or back.

Legs and feet– Your feet should feel quick and light. You’ll want to feel springy so shorten your stride and your feet should land directly underneath your body. Land on heel to mid foot and push off through the ball of your foot.


“Get Fit, Stay Fit.” Runner’s World May 2010: 70. Print. A section about watching your running form every step of the way.×232.jpg?1368717610


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