Runner’s Digest

At some point during a run, anyone can end up with midrun stomach problems whether that be sharp pain that forces your to walk or the sudden need to find a port-potty. Either way there is a cure for whatever digestive issue that might slow you down.


Sharp stomach pain and burping while running

Runners who get pre-race nerves, drink carbonated beverages, or chew gum often swallow air, causing belching and pains that mimic heartburn or heart attack. Solution: Eat slowly to avoid swallowing air. If you get pre-race nerves, take slow, relaxed breaths to help avoid trapping air in your stomach.

Burning feeling in your chest while running

Called heartburn, acid reflux, and gastroesophageal reflux disease occurs when stomach acid hits the esophagus. Solution: Eat a few small meals, not a large one, and then wait about 3 hours after eating to run. Don’t lie down after a meal, it can prompt reflux.

Excessive gas and bloating

When intestinal bacteria try to break down fiber and other indigestible carbs, they produce gas. Eating an excessive amount of fiber creates gas and bloating. Solution: a full day prior to a race, back off high-fiber foods such as whole grains, bran cereals, beans etc.

In the past I’ve come across these problems before, sometimes there minor and not too serious. Which is why for me when it comes close to a race, I end up eating very little carbs or high-fiber foods. I would eat a small portion of it.

“Get Fit, Stay Fit.” Runner’s World May 2010: 48. Print. A section about a runner’s digest and changing what and when you eat can halt all kinds of mid-stride GI trouble.

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