4 Ways to use long runs for Marathon training pt.1

I for one never knew what it was like to train for a marathon and since I started my own blog about running I decided to look for ways to put in more time for running longer distance and then keep track of the distance for the week. Thats where this info comes in. The 4 ways to use long runs for marathon training

Many runners question the idea of wanting to know the best distance to run for a weekly long run when the question really means: “How far do I need to run in training to be ready on a race day?”

The long run is the product of the all work you’ve done up to now. Think of it this way, a marathon training as a pyramid where the shorter runs create and build onto of the foundation to allow you to run more miles. Therefore being prepared for a marathon is less about the distance and more about running frequently and consistently. I as a runner have run frequently in the summers and consistently but I haven’t run longer distance, no more than 4 miles total in a day therefore my total running distance for the week was at its lowest.

The first 6 to 8 weeks of marathon training are about building fitness in your legs and focusing on your total weekly mileage and not worrying about each individual run. Here are the first two ways you can start with your marathon training.

(1) run a 36-mile week by doing three, 6-mile runs and one 18-miler OR

(2) run 36 miles in a week by doing 6-mile runs six days a week. This second option though requires less recovery time and presents a less demanding schedule.



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