4 Ways to use long runs for a Marathon pt. 2

Continued from pt.1*

Any runner can still finish a race, even if missing a day of training. Thats why its always best to plan ahead for the week. Runners easily miss a long run due to injury, illness, or time constraints. Don’t let it feel like its the end of the world for you if you miss a long run. Plan your whole week instead of planning an individual run. For me, I usually plan on running after work during the summers for an hour or so. I never try to let a day after work wear me down too much that I can’t run.

So I did a little research and found the following equation that can help you manage the long run component of training. For those that feel the need to keep track of their distance.

Your long run potential (LRP)= (total weeks of marathon training) x (average weekly run volume) x (mileage factor)

– the mileage factor is determined by your weekly average run volume. Lets say for example you run 35 miles a week or less, your mileage factor will be 0.625.

– So say if your in week six of your program, averaging at about 35 miles a week, your math would look like this: (6 x 35 x .0625)= 13.1 miles.



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