Adding hills to your running workout

Hill workouts are designed to strengthen your legs. For starters start with a small hill around 40 to 50 steps in length. As you approach the incline, slow down your pace and shorten your stride. By maintaining your leg cadence gives you more confidence going up hills no matter what height.

I remember going back up the hill leading up to Ester Dome one time during a training day with Running Club North. Even though by sight it doesn’t look much like a hill winding its way up, it gradually gets steeper as I keep running. There was at one point it look like a flight of stairs but without the steps and I could see the very top. So by the time I made it up to the top my legs felt like lead, they were shaking, and my muscles were screaming in pain. Yeah, running up hills is not as easy as it looks but if you maintain a good stride you might just reach the very top.

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